A good snapshot keeps a moment from running away.

WPPI 2014 World Top 30 Rising Star



With PS you will find your very own professional wedding photographer, or we call memory journalists, with experience of shooting hundreds of multi-cultural weddings and in different locations. We CARE ABOUT the precious time you put together to prepare for the most important day of celebrating the brand new phase of your life. Therefore we work closely with you to ensure you feel relaxed and enjoy every single moment on the big day. Through our journalistic and state of art wedding photography as well as cinematography, a quality and unique journal of your love and commitment is created to assure you a timeless memory lasts life-time.

Over the past 6 years, our award winning production team had been working with over a thousand of satisfied customers in delivering the best wedding photography and cinematography services. Our happy customers spread out all across the world from Australia, New Zealand, Asia to US and Europe. Since 2015, we initiated our yearly world travel wedding calendar to assist PS couples record their greatest memories at their favourite locations. And, the best news is, now it is a possible mission for you to avoid paying extra to getting your favourite photographers to your favourite destination!